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In an effort to continue to provide quality pastry arts education at an affordable price, we have created the Chez Boucher Professional Pastry Arts Training Program.  This 12-week program consists of twice as many hours of instruction as our recreational classes but half as many hours & cost of our former professional pastry arts certificate program.

Class times are Monday & Tuesday mornings from 8:00 am – 1:00 for 12 weeks, for a total of120 hours of hands on training. Upon completing this 12-week course, you will be given a Certificate of Completion from the Chez Boucher Cooking School.

This program is licensed through the New Hampshire Department of Education, Career Schools Division.

2018 Start Dates:



Includes registration, book & materials

(You can pay as you go with weekly or monthly payments or receive a 10% discount if paid in full before start date.)


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The Chez Boucher Avocational Pastry Arts program provides an extensive pastrytraining program ideal for those looking for a more in-depth teaching program beyond our recreational classes.  You are provided with a Certificate of Completion from Chez Boucher Cooking School upon completing this 12-week program

Week one

Week One: Orientation and Syllabus Review

    *No Production

  1. Orientation Syllabus
  2. Food Safety/Sanitation/Kitchen Uniform Code
  3. Equipment ID – Safety
  4. Product ID
  5. Scaling/Measurements/Bakers Percentages
  6. Leavening Agents:  Biological, Chemical,  Physical

Week two

Week Two: Quick Bread/Batters/Pastes

      Mixing Method –Creaming/Foaming

       Corn Muffins

       Buttermilk Biscuits

       Crepes Suzette – flambé

       Almond Scones

Week three

Week Three: Sweet & Savory Pies and Tarts

      Cutting Method

       Pie Dough (1-2-3)

       Savory Filling – slurry/”singer”

       Yankee Beef Pot Pie

       Quiche Lorraine

Week four

Week Four: Cookies, Fudge & Brownies

      Creaming Method

       Sugar Cookie Dough (1-2-3)

       Fudge Brownies

       Butterscotch Brownie

Week five

Week Five: Artisan Breads

     Straight Dough Mixing


Yeast – Gluten/Simple Sugar

Bulk Proofing/Shaping/Secondary Proofing

Lean/Enriched Bread

       Soft Rolls –Dill Rolls, Sweet Bread (“Kings Hawaiian”)

       New York Water Bagels – plain, and everything

       French Baguettes

       Italian Bread

Week six

Week Six: Savory Practical/Written Exam

Mixing Methods

Gluten Development

Leavening Agents

Thickening Agents



Yeast Reactions

     Simple Sugar – Milliard Reaction

Week seven

Week Seven: Custard, Pastry Cream, Pate Choux

    Eggs: Conception, Coagulation, and Custard

       Crème Caramel

       Pastry Crème/Bavarian

       Chocolate Eclairs

       Gourgѐres – Savory Choux

Week eight

Week Eight: Cakes, Genoise, Icing

Foaming Method

Sponge Cake – Two-Step Mixing

Meringue – Foaming Method

Butter cream – Creaming Method


       Vanilla Sponge

       Tropical Fruit Barquette


Week nine

Week Nine: Frozen Desserts: Ice Cream, Gelato, and Granité

Emulsions – Colloidal Suspension

Crystallization – Stabilizers

       Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream – Sauce Anglaise

       Coconut Milk Ice cream

       Mayan Chocolate Gelato

         “Intermezzo” – Granite (Lavender Ice)

Week 10

Week Ten: Chocolate Guest Chef

Week 11

Week Eleven: Presentations 

Asymmetry vs. Symmetry      

Negative Space

Plating: Height/Color/Contrast/Texture/Taste

Flavor Pairings – spices,

Showcase Platters

Individually Plated Desserts


Week 12

Week Twelve: Practical/Written Exam

Mixing Methods

Roasting vs. Baking

Principles of Flour

Solids vs. Liquids balance

Volume & Weight Measurements

Effects of Baking Temperature

Presentation Techniques