Culinary Adventures is a fresh new spin on corporate team building seminars that will motivate your associates to get involved in this fun and informative experience. There is no rock climbing here, no swatting away bugs in 90-degree heat or falling backwards into the arms of a stranger. In our state-of-the-art kitchen, teams must work together to prepare a three or four-course menu. They are judged on teamwork, multi-tasking, time management, organizational skills and their ability to overcome obstacles.

It is well known that interactive seminars help change patterns, spark new thinking, invite creative thought and engage all team members to share their skills and knowledge, not always apparent on the job. Understanding your co-workers’ strengths is critical to success. This seminar helps to develop time management and conflict/resolution skills. You will find our Culinary Adventure Seminars more of a reward than a requirement for your associates.

Once the cooking is complete, teams dine together and savor their work in our private dining room. The team building exercises will prove to be challenging and rewarding as well as fun while applying the following concepts referred to as the 5 ‘C’s - Creativity, communication skills, collaboration, cooperation and commitment.

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Seminar Prices:

3-Course Complete Package: $99.00 p/p includes 3-course dinner and Chez Boucher embroidered apron. Please include 18% service charge to price.
Seminars run approximately 5-6 hours.

Team Building Program Benefits:

Seminar Structure:

Teams of three or four can participate in these exercises at one time.

Goal Setting - We will begin by establishing team objectives. Individuals in the team must understand and accept the goals of the team.

Roll Playing - Teams members must know what is expected of them and what is to be expected from the others on the team.

Procedures - all team members must learn how to get the work done together as a cohesive unit (e.g. decision-making, problem solving, time management, conflict management and resolution.)

Judging, Evaluation and Critique

All individual teams will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Sanitation and Safe Food Handling Procedures:(1-5) Maximum points allowed
  2. Organizational Skills/Mise en Place: (1-5) Maximum points allowed
  3. Communication Skills: navigation of a plan and ability to follow instructions: (10) Maximum points allowed
  4. Team Work, Overcoming Obsticles, Timing and Work Flow: (1-20) Maximum points allowed
  5. Presentation, Flavor, Taste and Doneness of Meals: (1-10) Maximum points allowed

Team Achievement Award Scale

42-50 Pts. = Gold Medal

36-41.99 Pts, = Silver Medal

30-35.99 Pts. = Bronze Medal

Under-30 Pts. Honorable Mention

Corporate Team Building Seminar “Promise”

These team-building exercises will prove to be challenging and rewarding but also lots of fun while learning the following concepts:

  “The Five C’s”

  1. Creativity
  2. Communication skills
  3. Collaboration
  4. Cooperation
  5. Commitment

Menu Options - Please pick one item from the following Appetizers, Soups or Salads, one item from Entrees and one item from Desserts.